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Wandering Wy: Hot Springs State Park

The Fourth of July weekend was a crazy one for me! Working a double on Friday night meant I didn't get off until late, so I didn't leave to join my family in Cody until Saturday morning and missed the parade. It was great catching up with them over good food and great conversation. The fireworks show was spectacular! However, the highlight of my weekend was when I headed the car for home again and had a few new adventures along the way including in Hot Springs State Park.

Just on the edge of Thermopolis, Wyoming is Hot Springs State Park. My first impression of this unique state park is that it really is a little overdeveloped. Driving into the park feels more like entering a gated community than the other state parks I've been in. As you go further into the park it does get better.

What makes this park unique is that you can actually swim in these hot springs, there is even a water park to really take your experience up a level. If you were disappointed that you couldn't get too close to the thermal features in Yellowstone, this is absolutely the place for you!

You can hike out along the terraces, float the river below them, or explore the other less developed parts of the park including a few hiking trails.

My favorite thermal feature was White Sulpher Spring.

The best part was driving the loop around the Buffalo Pasture where you're guaranteed to get a great view of one of the west's most iconic animals!

The park is very family friendly and only takes a few hours to explore if you don't want to spend the day at the waterpark. Overall, I think it was a great place to stretch my legs and take in a little more Wyoming history!

Have you ever visited a hot springs? What is the most unique park or preserve you've visited? Do you prefer lots of amenities when you adventure or more of the roughin' it vibe?

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