About Me

My name is Liz Bowers.


Growing up in Montana I was blessed to experience firsthand the outfitters’ way of life. It isn’t always glamorous, it is a lot of hard work, but it means I have learned many of the skills essential for going where few have ever gone before.

I began my blogging journey in the Spring of 2017, since then it has grown into my passion project sharing the places and things I love with all of you. The Wild West seems to be fading into the dusty corners of history, I hope that in some small way my adventures can bring some of its greatest treasures back into the light.


The mission of my blog is to inspire and rejuvenate a passion for the wild beauty of Wyoming off the beaten path and the Cowboy Culture gems I grew up with. To do this I will share with my readers a variety of ideas, experiences, and real-life stories from my own adventures in Wyoming.


I want to motivate you to be courageous in trying new things, but not to forget your roots. Combine these perfect ingredients to grow the Wild West spirit in yourself!

The Wild West of tomorrow is waiting for you!