A Weekend Winter Getaway

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

In the late winter of 2018, my best friend Lynn and I took another shorter road trip. We decided that if we were going to road trip together for two weeks that summer then we’d better get our toes wet first!

For our third anniversary of friendship, we gassed up our cars and headed down to Denver, Colorado. That’s right we took separate cars lol work being work I had to come home before she did and we were staying with friends so Lynn decided to come home later than I would need to.

Then a road trip that should’ve taken 4 hours turned into a 7-hour drive! “How could this have happened you ask?” Neither of us had visited Rocky Mountain National Park or Estes Park before and decided to spontaneously go an hour or so out of our way to experience them!

The detour turned out to be spectacular!

The town of Estes Park was a sweet quiet little place tucked back into the Rocky Mountains. Their main street was packed with unique buildings and trinket shops worthy of any dedicated tourist’s browsing affection!

The next day in Denver we explored the Denver Aquarium! I felt like a child again wandering through the maze of glass tanks filled with near-mythical creatures from the depths of the ocean. The sharks were large and terr