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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

We are building up to the start of the June semester of Guide School. The tourist season also seems to have picked up a bit early this year and we’ve already had several guests out on trail rides. Behind the scenes, we’re working to get the horses, mules, and trails ready for our season.

During the winter most of the horses and mules go off to winter pasture until enough snow melts for them to work again the next spring. What we hope for is a good winter for them where they can eat mostly grass out in the pasture. Unfortunately, we sometimes get too much snow for this to work out. This winter was one of those winters, it just didn’t work out so they’ve been moved quite a bit to find grass they can eat or just a good place to deliver hay when they won’t be able to get to the grass. In the spring we bring them closer to home.

In spring they start eating fresh green grass again and everybody gets their hair cut. It’s also time for the Vet’s annual checkup and for everyone to get a fresh set of shoes! After all this pampering it’s time to hit the trails 🙂 One of our guides have ridden them to wear off the winter wild side they often get from being on vacation. Then they’re ready for our guests to enjoy!

That’s right folks we’re officially open for business and booking all the way through the summer months so if you’re stopping by Paradise Valley or even just Yellowstone Park you can stop in and we’ll go for a ride!

Until we meet again 🙂 Happy Trails

*image provided by Tim Bowers

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