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Rollin' Down the River

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

What better way to follow up a long drive than with a lazy afternoon float down the Yellowstone River? This was a delightful surprise on our trip as up until this point the river had been dangerously high. Unfortunately, a few floaters did lose their lives on the river this summer. A float can be a great family activity but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it would be far easier and far more fun for you to hire a guide.

You must always have enough life jackets for everyone aboard you’re boat, even better…you should wear them. Take note that if you’re children are of a certain age or younger, they must legally wear their life jacket to be inside any watercraft! Adults may make their choice, this far in history, for how they desire to take precautions as long as there is a life jacket available to them on the boat.

Our guides were my Dad and my Step-Mom, Chelsea. They decided on a whim to float the river and we jumped on the chance to join them! This is one of my favorite summer activities, you seem to be in a completely different world out there on the water. The cares that clung to you through the week just seem to drift away with the current…in other words, the perfect start to vacation!

When we got bored lounging in the relative safety of the boat we simply jumped out and enjoyed floating in our life jackets, bobbing along we giggled at the cold water and marveled at how fast the summer would be over. I don’t know what it is about water but by the end of those few blissful hours between the sun and the waves, you start to feel very sleepy. Not a terrible kind of exhaustion just a cat nap kind of contented sleepy! This makes coming off the float even more difficult, like a small child, I would love to beg, ‘just a few more minutes! Please!’

From the river, we went to join my grandparents at the Murray Hotel, where we danced to a great band out of Texas and ate delicious pizza and wings!

What is your favorite summer activity? Have you ever floated a river?

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