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Wandering WY: Sinks Canyon State Park Hidden Falls

It has been a long time since I last shared an adventure with all of you. Over the last year, I took on working two jobs to keep up with this great economy we're living in. That didn't leave a lot of energy outside of work to focus on my own things. I have some big news coming soon about my new job situation, I'm not totally sure how it will affect the blog yet. It may just be the balance I need to be able to write for you more often. That being said, let's get into this great hike I took last summer with my little brothers in Sinks Canyon State Park to their Hidden Falls on the Popo Agie River.

This is a trail that I had heard about and searched for in a couple of my previous visits to Sinks Canyon State Park. The signage for the trailhead was not very clear so by the time I found it the first time, the sun was going down and it was time to leave the park. So this time I made a special visit with my brothers just to hike it.

Round trip this is a 3-mile hike. Hiking to the falls you have a well-worn trail with enough of an incline that you will feel the burn on the way up. We met more than one group of hikers on the way back down ready to give up before seeing the waterfalls because this hike was taking more than what they originally anticipated. I want to stress that you absolutely should be bringing plenty of drinking water for this hike. While you are in the shade for a small portion of it, most of it is on the open hillside as you climb upward under the sun.

There is plenty to entertain you along the way with wildflowers, stunning views, and a few giant boulders to climb on the side of the trail.

What you find in the last quarter of the hike makes all of that struggle absolutely worth it. First, you come to this incredible view of three waterfalls. This is not your final destination, enjoy the view but keep hiking.

Here is finally where you get consistently into the shade for a little bit. You'll come to another beautiful waterfall closer to the trail with bridges through the marshy bits in the trees. This is still not your final destination don't turn back yet!

Finally, you come to the hidden falls! Tucked away at the end of the trail is every child's dream if you've ever watched the Swiss Family Robinson. That's right, you have the perfect natural waterslide.

A group of hikers had arrived before us and enjoyed showing off their technique of sliding down the slippery surface of the rock in the waterfall to the pool below. I definitely recommend having someone in your group that is comfortable catching the water sliders below if you're going to do this. If you go too far, you could end up in real trouble downstream. This is a swim/slide at your-own risk type of situation. There are no official lifeguards and you are 1.5 miles from anyone being able to get help. I honestly don't remember the cell service at this point, but I don't believe that I had any and you should always plan for that fact.

The good part about the hike back down is that you're now going downhill all the way. There are more trails to be explored in Sinks Canyon State Park and I know I will continue to enjoy all it has to offer.

Happy Trails, friends!

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