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The Road is Long

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Day 5- We got a late start on this day not knowing quite how long it would take us to get from Livingston, MT to Glacier National Park.

Along the way we stopped in Bozeman, MT to visit the Museum of the Rockies. This museum holds a very special place in my heart because it’s the museum I visited as a child on school field trips. We learned about dinosaurs, outer space, and far off places. One year they even had some of the King Tut exhibit for us to enjoy! Being all grown up now, the museum seemed much smaller but no less amazing!

Their collection of dinosaur artifacts is fascinating and my favorite part will forever be the planetarium! It feels like you truly are journeying straight out of the atmosphere into the stars 🙂

We quickly finished shopping for forgotten necessities for the trip before getting back on the road. Then we drove and drove and drove for hours…. Finally, we reached Glacier National Park…sort of. Actually, it was so late and getting dark so quickly we knew our first priority had to be making camp. While we were searching we began to drive much more slowly than the speed limit recommended. Why? We found ourselves driving through an open graze range where black cows could surprise us around any corner! One car who passed us seemed to be flying, to this day I don’t know how they missed the cow we encountered around the very next corner! Because we were going slow enough I was able to drive carefully around the cow and carry on our way. Thankfully, just off the side of the road, still, on the Flathead Reservation, we spotted the perfect campground for us! We were the only ones there!!! An incredibly brilliant woman had decided to set up her field that bordered the road as an overflow campground since Glacier’s campsites were nearly always full. It could not have been more perfect for our purposes!

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