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Wandering WY: Bessemer Bend

You may notice that there isn't as much green in these pictures as there has been in my adventures for the last few days. That's because I visited Bessemer Bend much earlier this Spring. It has sparked a goal in me to explore as much of the Oregon Trail as I can this summer!

Bessemer Bend, North Platte River, river, early spring
Bessemer Bend of the North Platte River

I had been to Bessemer Bend before, on field trips with school, first because of its historical significance and secondly because it's a great spot for flyfishing. This is where the Oregon Trail once again crosses the North Platte River.

Red Buttes Monument, Red Buttes Marker, Bessemer Bend, Wyoming
Red Buttes Marker at Bessemer Bend

There are a few picnic areas here, but it is certainly not the most impressive picnic area I've seen this last month. The walking area is relatively short but pretty and includes more historic information than most of my other hikes.

Bessemer Bend Trail, Walking Trail, Bessemer Bend, Wyoming
Bessemer Bend Interpretive Trail

This is a great spot to get out and stretch your legs before continuing on to more exciting sites like Independence Rock or you could spend the whole day fishing the river right here!

Bessemer Townsite, Cows, Ranch, Wyoming
Bessemer Townsite

Driving just beyond the official Bessemer Bend Historic Site you will drive by the Bessemer Townsite. There aren't any buildings left standing now but at one point in time, Bessemer competed with Casper for the Natrona County Seat. Unfortunately for Bessemer the natural resources they thought were going to make them rich dried up with their chances for being the county seat.

Red Buttes, Wyoming
Red Buttes

Have you visited Bessemer Bend? What place near you was once a big deal but because of one historic decision no longer exists? Is it important to remember places like Bessemer?

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