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Comfort in the Familiar

multi-colored tulips, dragon miniature
Ayres Natural Bridge: Tulips Guarded by Dragon

Everything about this last year has come with an aura of uncharted territory. For adventurers like you and I, that should be an exciting thing! However, it meant that many of us shut down, stopped leaving our houses, meeting with people, and in general doing most of the things that make life worth while. One really common side effect of the chaos is that the travel community moved back in with parents and other relatives. That includes me! And there was comfort in the familiar place, faces, and homey routines that set in.

What I also found was a sense of shame that I didn't have my own familiar nest to be returning to. That's changing soon so stick with me here! I'm not stating these simple facts of our lives to continue focusing on all the negative crazy things happening in our world or to discourage you. In fact, I want to encourage you that today is a new day. If you're choosing to stay in the familiar still, stepping cautiously back into the world, or never stopped adventuring... consider that the adventure ahead is about exploring your perspective.

I have some beliefs that will probably rub a few of you the wrong way. However, I've accepted that the consequences of those beliefs might mean fewer places I can visit, fewer ways I can openly express those beliefs without censorship, and fewer people who are willing to tag along with my adventures. Who said life was supposed to be comfortable?

My new adventure in perspective is beginning now! I'm growing roots and enjoying the blessings of my home state. I will jump on every opportunity to explore beyond it, but for now I'm content to attend to my adult responsibilities in my own home.

These are uncharted waters... Here be dragons!

My challenge to you is to embrace the unfamiliar with me!

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