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Getting Back in the Saddle

Happy September everybody! This month I'll be getting back in the saddle, creating content, and making a few changes....

I have been called out by several of you over the past month for my absence, and I've got to say it is nice to be missed. 😁

After buying my house, life got extra busy. Who knew that owning your own home could be so much work? All kidding aside, I've been working hard to set up my space so that I have the energy and inspiration to start creating content again. When creating content for another company is also your day job it's hard to have anything left for yourself after hours.

That being said, I did go on a few adventures this summer that I cannot wait to share with you! I also had a lot of time while I cleaned, painted, and refinished floors to reflect on what I wanted the lilmissbearpaw Blog to like down the road. It seemed to me that the reason I've had such an on-again off-again relationship with this blog is that it is lacking a certain spark that would keep me going day after day, year after year.

Some of that lack of spark has been trying to fit a box prescribed by the internet gurus of our day. So I write exclusively about travel in Wyoming, but when I'm not traveling I lose interest. I avoid spreading my opinions around on current events or sharing with you my passionate love of God, because "that's not the purpose" of the blog.

What if I've got it wrong this whole time?

What if my purpose is to share those deeper thoughts in my heart and nerd knowledge with all of you?

This Fall we're going to explore the answers to those questions a little bit so I'm going to ask you to bear with me and be a vocal encourager or critic. It's hard for a creator to know which way the wind is blowing if their content weather vane (a.k.a. their followers) won't make some noise when they love a piece of content or don't really enjoy another piece of content.

I want lilmissbearpaw Blog to be "you" focused with a desire to uplift and make a difference for the better in the State that I love!

One of the goals I envision for the blog is that eventually, I'll be one of those super cool people who has turned their hobby into a living. I don't want to charge for my regular blog content, but I'm working on an eBook of my Wandering Wyoming adventures, and seriously considering putting together some merch for all my fans, another way that you could support me is with a patronage subscription.

Those are just a few ideas, so let me know in the comments what idea is your favorite or a new idea you have that's not already listed!

This may not be my full-time gig today, tomorrow, or even two years from now, but I have dream and I'm willing to work for it as long as you wonderful people will have me!

Happy Trails Friends!

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