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Comfy Camping

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Day 10-11: The night before we camped in our second favorite camping spot in Kananaskis Country. Really the camp could be a tie for first, it was peaceful, welcoming, and the only site we were allowed to have a campfire. We spent more time exploring around the camp on this stay and enjoyed every minute of our hike along the edge of Sibald Lake.

Of course, a campfire meant we were able to stay up quite a bit later! What would a road trip be without swapping memories over a campfire and the sugar rush of smores?! We certainly don’t know! At this point, we began to feel the bittersweet emotion that comes with an ending vacation. On the one hand, we were ready to be home but on the other hand we wished this adventure could go on forever!

Day 11- We arrived back at Waterton Lakes National Park and our favorite campsite! The best part was that the rain had finally cleared out most of the smoke leaving the air fresh and sweet 🙂

This was maybe or favorite night of the trip too! We enjoyed good food at Zum’s our new favorite restaurant of all time and experienced our first beaver tails. (Don’t worry a beavertail is just baked goodness with sweet toppings of your choice) Waterton Lake itself, now that we could see it, was immensely beautiful! And the signs warning tourists to keep their distance from wildlife were inspiring!

What we hadn’t been able to see through the smoke made us see the park for the true gem it really is…

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