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Wandering WY: Deer Creek Park

Some days I get off work and just have to drive. I drive down the nearest longest back road I can find with the music turned way up loud. On one of these drives a couple of weeks ago, I took the old Glenrock Highway out of Casper and discovered Glenrock City Park or Deer Creek Park.

Old railroad bridge, walking trail, Deer Creek Park, Glenrock City Park
Entrance to Deer Creek Park

It was an absolutely beautiful day! Not too hot and not too breezy with cotton candy clouds adding drama to the spring sky. Discovering that the park had a network of disjointed trails, I messaged my bestie to come out walking with me.

Old railroad bridge, walking trail, Deer Creek Park, Glenrock City Park
Crossing the Old Railroad Bridge

We explored the trail along the creek, across the old railroad bridge now a part of the trail, and found a petrified tree. The nicest part was watching the other families scattered here and there with picnics or walking their dogs. For a few minutes there, it felt like all our lives hadn't been disrupted by a pandemic!

Deer Creek, Glenrock Wyoming, Wyoming
Deer Creek

If you're looking for somewhere to just get away, where the kids can play on the playground, and the walking trails are easily accessible for everyone this is a great place to stop along the road and that's before you realize it's also a historic site. The Oregon Trail actually crosses the creek right in this area.

The Park is also right near an RV park so if you're traveling across the country this peaceful spot is really conveniently located. Besides the playgrounds, there are quite a few accommodations for picnickers from tables to grills.

Old Building, Deer Creek Park Trail, Glenrock City Park
Old Building along Deer Creek Park Trail

What is your favorite park for getting away from the noisy world? How do you unwind after work? Have you driven the old Glenrock Highway?

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