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Wandering in WY: Granger Station

I've finally made it over to the Southwest side of the state. The final stretch of the Oregon Trail in Wyoming. It shouldn't surprise us maybe as much as it does that the beaten wagon tracks of yesterday follow right along the highways of today.

Along this historic route, some of the way stations are still standing. Point of Rocks is one such location, but the actual historic part of it isn't really worth stopping for. Instead, we went further down the road to Granger Station where tired stagecoach travelers had once stopped for the night and their drivers changed out their stage teams.

Traveling across the vastness of Wyoming to the station you get a pretty good idea of what the travelers felt like by the time they reached Granger. Dust covered and just wanting to be at their destination, it probably was hardly relevant to them that this was the fastest anyone had traveled through the Wild West to date. I think even adults were constantly asking the question then, "Are we there yet?" and once arrived, "This is it?"

What do you think it was like to travel through the Wild West? Where would you have been going? Would you prefer stagecoach travel or travel by train?

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