Heritage Runs Deep

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

One of the really cool parts about being an American is all of the incredible stories from your family history that show how your ancestors worked hard, fought hard, and sacrificed a lot to achieve the dream of having a better place for their children and grandchildren to call home. Not two stories are the same although we may have a few shared themes. Our heritage runs deep! For example, one branch of my family is from the most Irish town in America: Butte, Montana.

In the late 1800s, thousands of Irish immigrants made their way to Butte, because of the Potato Famine back home. One of the Copper Kings, Marcus Daly, promised that there was a job waiting for every Irishman that wanted one and seemingly overnight the town boomed with its new workforce.

[Portrait of Marcus Daly]. Davis and Sanford, between 1885-1900. MHS Photograph Legacy Collection. Montana Historical Society. 941-880
Marcus Daly courtesy the Montana Historical Society

Today the Irish have spread out from Butte and Montana, but many Irish Americans can trace their roots back to "the richest hill on earth." This makes Butte a great travel destination for St. Patrick's Day if you can't make it to the motherland or a great spot to explore history at any time of the year