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Wandering WY: Keyhole State Park

One of the questions I've seen most often from tourists online is what activities or other sights they can find around Devil's Tower National Monument. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I too was wondering. Then I looked up my latest bucket list stop in this year's challenge to visit all of Wyoming's State Parks, there it was not even 15 minutes from Devil's Tower, Keyhole State Park.

Like many of the State Parks we've explored this summer, Keyhole is definitely most friendly to those who like water activities. From boating and fishing to swimming and waterskiing this will be the stop for you!

Keyhole is also very friendly to those of us who love camping, but you will have to reserve your place in advance.

One of my favorite things about this park was the paved trail from the Marina along the edge of the reservoir. You got a real sense of the campgrounds from there, could spot quite a few birds, and my favorite part was the places to refill your water bottle beside the trail!

It's certainly not our biggest State Park, but it has a lot of great ways to enjoy the Wyoming outdoors and find a few adventures along the way.

Have you visited Keyhole State Park? What is your favorite Lake Day activity? What is your favorite Wyoming State Park?

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