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Lavender Dreams

Along with recipes and my own wellness journey each week I will be sharing an essential oil it’s history and how we use it today.

The first oil I chose was Lavender.

This incredibly special plant has been used by different groups of people in different ways for thousands of years. The name is probably familiar to you from various kinds of soaps and dryer sheets, however, I promise that smelling the pure extracted scent of these purple petals will be a new experience all together!

Grown natively in the Mediterranean region of Europe this essential oil is known for its soothing, balancing, and pain relieving properties.

Fun Fact: In Medieval times some people thought Lavender would keep the wearer chaste while others claimed the opposite!

Which do you think is true? Repellent or aphrodisiac?

I personally use Lavender across my forehead when dealing with headaches, on bug bites and dry skin, as well as diffusing it in various blends before I go to sleep. For allergies you can blend Lavender with Lemon and Peppermint oils which is a great tip for the upcoming spring allergy season.

If you’re a fan of flowery desserts you can also use this oil to cook with. I caution you to use only 1-2 drops in a batch. Oils are potent and will overpower any other flavors in your food if not used sparingly!

Which oils would you like to learn more about? What is your favorite use for lavender?

Remember that you can purchase Lavender or any other doTerra essential oil Advocate website here Thank you for your support!

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