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The Code of the West: Do What Has to Be Done

This is maybe one of the parts of the Code of the West that those not living in a "Cowboy career" situation least relate to. We're not going out to feed our livestock in a blizzard pre-dawn with a long day of work ahead of us. We're not waking up at all hours of the night when a calf, colt, or lamb is being born. However, if there was ever going to be a year that we can understand this concept of, Do What Has to Be Done, it's 2020.

We're getting toward the middle of October now, I've held four jobs since the beginning of this year and moved back in with my parents until I can get my financial legs back under me. None of those things were choices I actually wanted to make. Only one of those jobs actually fits into my life plan moving forward, the rest had truly miserable moments when I didn't want to get out of bed go in the morning.

I'm still not where I would ideally like to be in life right now. Yet, because I've fought so hard this year to get back on track, I know I'm at least on the road to getting there. As creators, we can relate to this when we start to think about the hard work and sacrifices it takes to build our brand and tell our story. Even when it seems like no one is listening, reading, or watching we have to keep creating. We have to keep holding tight to that dream, that one day our fans will look back to where we started and be awed by how far we've come.

I challenge you this week to look back on those things that you've lost the energy to do for yourself in the creative process but stuck with it. How has that worked out for you? Are there maybe some sacrifices or some work that you need to put in to get back on the road to achieving your dream?

My own version of, Do What Has to Be Done, is anything worth doing is going to be hard. Don't give up!

Thank you, fellow adventurers! You can follow the lilmissbearpaw blog page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @lilmissbearpaw for sneak peeks into upcoming posts and my adventures. This will also be a great place to share your own adventures!

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