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The Code of the West: Live Each Day With Courage

Courage is such a deeply ingrained trait of the west, that even many of its villains are portrayed to have it in spades. When you think about it though, it makes sense that the value of courage would be at the forefront of the Cowboy mindset. Many of them had left home at an early age and found themselves in a vast wild world that would try every way you can imagine to knock them down and leave them in a hole in the ground. From nature's hazards to the rough rabble crowd these men made their home amongst, there really was no such thing as a safe space.

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Why would we need such a value such as the Wild West's gritty courage today?

Today more than ever we are moving through a world that is constantly changing. What is acceptable in society or considered the moral high ground is also constantly shifting. To pick a dream, to decide your own code, and to unapologetically stand for both takes a great deal of gritty courage. That's before you face the never-ending challenges of day to day living!

Sometimes I think that the most courageous thing I can do in my day is just getting out of bed.

As long as my feet hit the floor, they'll carry me through the rest, but it's the moments between waking and dreading my day that almost keep me from going out to do what's necessary to fight for the better future I imagine for myself.

Courage, however, is not a bully. Courage stands by what it believes, but it doesn't belittle others in the process. Courage gives us the energy to climb mountains and overcome obstacles, it gives us the determination to get back on the horse. Courage doesn't look down on those who haven't climbed the same mountains or found their own ways around similar obstacles. Courage celebrates not just survival but the beauty of thriving under difficult circumstances. Courage is being yourself regardless of what anyone else will think. Courage is loving someone enough to be vulnerable with them.

Therefore, I challenge you to do one courageous thing today! Then go ahead and tell me about it in the comments. I would love to celebrate with you!

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