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Minty Perfection

Peppermint always makes me think of those gum commercials where the person puts a piece of blue gum in their mouth and suddenly their eyes go super wide and things explode. While I’ve never actually had that experience with gum… putting a drop of peppermint essential oil directly in your mouth has exactly that effect (minus things blowing up around you 😉).

That being said, I love peppermint. This essential oil is so refreshing. From cleaning up stinky breath to relieving a throbbing headache this oil may just be in my top 5 favorite oils! It has even been known to help memory. Smelling peppermint before or while studying and then again when the test comes around helps to recall the information you were studying!

My favorite use of peppermint is to deter pests like ants, other insects, and rodents from getting where they don’t belong. You can also ingest peppermint essential oil, preferably in a vegetable capsule, to help settle an upset stomach.

doTerra peppermint essential oil is steam-distilled from the flowering herb. Peppermint has been grown worldwide for centuries by many different peoples and cultures. Historically it’s been used to soothe digestion, freshen breath, relieve colic, gas, headaches, and heartburn.

It’s even recommended for those extra warm moments in summer that you mix two drops peppermint with two drops eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of cool water. Dabbing the mixture with a washcloth onto your forehead, back of neck, and your feet will have you feeling more comfortable in no time!

As we’ve discussed in previous essential oil features, along with lemon and lavender, peppermint can be used to combat allergies.

Caution!!! Peppermint is a hot oil. Be very careful with getting this one anywhere near your eyes or other sensitive skin areas. Use with extra caution if you have high blood pressure or if pregnant.

Which oils would you like to learn more about? What is your favorite use for peppermint?

Disclaimer: While I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate and welcome you to purchase any essential oils through my website link, all information stated in this post and on this site is my own. It may not reflect the official statement of doTerra.

Remember that you can purchase Peppermint or any other doTerra essential oil through the link to my Advocate Website . Thank you for your support!

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