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Sweater Weather

With sweater weather having officially arrived, it’s time for us to dig out the sweet aromas of fall and guard against all those cold weather bugs that follow the kids home from school! For our first Fall Essential Oil Feature, I’m sharing one of my favorites, Cassia Essential Oil. I love blending cassia with other fall reminiscent oils to diffuse in nearly every room of the house. It has a sweet soothing smell reminding me of honey with just a hint of spice!

Cassia is really the perfect go to oil as we enter cold and flu season. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties making it a great fall all-surface cleaner. However, you absolutely MUST blend cassia with carrier oils because it is very strong!

Warning!!! Do not use cassia directly on your skin without a carrier oil. It is a very warm oil and will irritate your skin. Do not inhale directly, as it may also irritate the dermal tissue in your nose. In cooking, use very small quantities. It has a very similar flavor to cinnamon only stronger and more intense.

Did you know that Cassia is a member of the laurel family?

Historically, Cassia has been uses extensively as a spice. Medicinally, it has been used for colds, colic, flatulent dyspepsia, diarrhea, nausea, rheumatism, and kidney and reproductive complaints. doTerra’s Cassia essential oil is steam distilled from the bark.

Which oils would you like to learn more about? Do you have a favorite fall blend? What is your favorite use for Cassia?

Disclaimer: While I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate and welcome you to purchase any essential oils through my website all information stated in this post and on this site is my own. It may not reflect the official statement of doTerra.

Remember that you can purchase Cassia or any other doTerra essential oil through the link to my Advocate Website. Thank you for your support!

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