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Sweet Sour Summer

Lime essential oil is one of those that I mainly diffuse. However, it’s also known to be good for removing gum and grease. It’s good for your skin and helps when you have a fever. I love the scent of lime better than lemon for whatever reason and as well as the taste of lime.

Caution to the wise, if you are going to consume essential oil in water please make sure to use glass. Oils have been known to eat through plastic or Styrofoam containers! Also one or two drops is more than enough, any more than that whether you’re consuming them in water or using them in a recipe tend to overwhelm.

doTerra Lime essential oil is cold pressed from the peel. Historically, Lime has been used as a remedy for dyspepsia with glycerin of pepsin. It’s often been used in place of lemon for fevers, infections, sore throats, colds, and so on.

Which oils would you like to learn more about? What is your favorite use for lime?

Disclaimer: While I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate and welcome you to purchase any essential oils through my website, link , all information stated in this post and on this site is my own. It may not reflect the official statement of doTerra.

Remember that you can purchase Lime or any other doTerra essential oil through the link to my Advocate Website. Thank you for your support!

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