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Wandering WY: The Historic Sheridan Inn

The weekend before Christmas break I took a short vacation in Sheridan, Wyoming. I really had no idea how many amazing things this Wyoming community had to offer! Now I know I will definitely be going back for more! The original reason for my visit was the Trail End Christmas Tour, which was a lot of fun but because it took place in the evening I knew I would have to stay overnight. From working at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming I vaguely knew about The Historic Sheridan Inn so I decided it would be the best place to stay on this trip.

The Historic Sheridan Inn is located in the historic downtown area of Sheridan across from not one but two old train depots. Constructed in 1892, the Inn was placed strategically to serve guests traveling from the East on the train. The original depot was right across the street from the Inn, however, it is rumored that Buffalo Bill himself suggested that wasn't a very nice view for Inn guests and the depot was moved to the left-hand side of the Inn as you look out from the Inn's beautiful wrap around porch.

In the mid-1900s the depot was upgraded again to the building you now see on the right-hand corner across from the Inn looking out from the porch. While both depots are no longer used for the purpose of railroad travel, there is a nice restaurant in the newer depot that I will be trying next time I'm in Sheridan so stay tuned.

Another fun fact is that Buffalo Bill would sit on the porch and performers who wanted to be in his show would get off the train and audition with him right there in front of the Inn. Ask the Inn staff more about this, I know they will be happy to share the story!

The Inn itself is an amazing experience! It was one of the first buildings within a hundred miles to receive electricity so the buttons that turn on the lights in your room are exactly what guests would have used when the Inn first opened. Like a child, I had to flip them on and off a few times just for the novelty of it!

If you are going to stay in the Historic Sheridan Inn, be prepared because while there is free wifi there is no TV, no fridge, and no microwave in any of the rooms. Instead, each room has been restored to feature and exhibit a historic character who either stayed in the Inn or worked for Buffalo Bill in his Wild West show.

The staff is exceedingly friendly and if you go in the offseason will more than likely be happy to show you around all the fun historic secrets and stories of the Inn.

My favorite part was the claw foot bathtub in the bathroom!

Staying here in mid-December of 2020, there was only one other room taken in the entire place but that changes when Yellowstone opens in Spring so plan accordingly. You can easily walk the downtown shops from the hotel and appreciate much of what Sheridan has to offer. I would highly recommend staying here at least once!

Have you stayed in a Historic Inn or Hotel? What was your favorite or least favorite part of the experience?

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