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Wandering WY: The Red Desert

On day one of my Southwest Wyoming road trip, I explored between Rock Springs and Evanston, but day two took me in a new direction. Headed back toward home I explored the region between Rock Springs and Rawlins known as the Red Desert. What is wild about this region is that so few people have even heard about it!

I'm not sure if we talked about this before or not, but a great portion of Wyoming is generally arid considered plains desert. When you get to the Red Desert there is the incredible habitat of sagebrush plains however it is so much more than that! There are actual sand dunes in the Red Desert like you would expect in the Sahara! Now obviously that portion of the Red Desert isn't nearly as large as the Sahara, yet it makes a striking contrast with the buttes, Boar's Tusk, and the Green Mountains.

For activities in this region, you could go camping, in fact, there were many hunters doing just that when I drove through. You could go sledding on the sand dunes or explore the region with ATVs and dirt bikes. Then there are the petroglyphs at White Mountain, but I'll tell you more about those next week. You probably will see a lot of antelope, there are also known herds of elk, deer, wild boar, and horses!

Just make sure you're tank is full of gas and that you have food and water for everyone, in the event that you get stranded for a little while. While I saw a decent amount of people all day, there were definitely parts of this trip that were more isolated making it worth being prepared.

Do you have a desert where you live? What would you do for fun in the Red Desert? Where has been your favorite place we've visited in Wyoming?

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