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Top 5 Casper Food Trucks This Summer

It's the first day of September! My siblings have gone back to school, stores are stocked with Halloween decor, and coffee shops have rolled out their pumpkin and caramel apple options. Fall may be a full 21 days away, but the weather says summer is coming to an end. I'm not ready! One of my favorite things this summer has been supporting local food trucks around town, so to celebrate the official end of summer month here are my Top 5 Casper Food Turcks this Summer!

Top 5 Food Trucks

5. 307 Tacos

This food truck was a lot of fun, they had great service and a great sized portion for the cost. The reason they're coming in 5th place is because their food was pretty meh. I could of made the exact same quesadilla at home, there was no surprise pop of flavor or creative twist to make them stand out from other "taco stands" or food trucks next door. 🤷‍♀️

4. I'scream 4 Wings

I'scream 4 Wings is actually only half of a dynamic duo! They also have an ice cream truck right there too. This one is great for a quick, easy lunch, and it's even fresh made. The reason this food truck is coming in 4th place is really just because the other food trucks on my list take it to a whole new level!

3. Pinky's Pork Chop Sandwhiches

Pinky's cues the nostalgia for me! I was so excited to discover them this summer because they bring the classic Butte, Montana Pork Chop John's Sanwhich to me down here in wyoming. Butte natives will know what an important service this is! We love them so much in our house that my Mom actually buys a box whenever we're in Butte to put in the freezer and eat anytime we get homesick for the Big Sky state. 😁 Now I can have one fresh off the grill with yummy garlic fries when I stop into Pinky's!

2. Foxy's Grill

Foxy's easily could have made first place with their delicious food and great service. Their food is also very fresh so your wait time might be a little longer depending on what you order. The only reason they're coming in 2nd is that I haven't been able to find them around town since the first time I ate there this summer! I've been dreaming about their food, but with so many happy customers it seems they've been busy with events this summer and not quite as findable on the streets.

1. Wild West Shave Ice Co.

I don't know how it took me so long to find the Wild west Shave Ice Co. but it's probably a good thing because my health could not take the delicious goodness that is Wild West Shave Ice! I love everything about this food truck! It is super cute, it comes with all the wild west flavors that you would expect including John Wayne and wyatt Earp, and an extra twist just to stand out. You get to pick a bottom like gummy worms or ice cream for your snow cone and some more candy for the top. The best part is how affordable the shave ice is compared to pretty much all of the other shave ice places I've been over the years. If you haven't cooled off with the Wild West Shave Ice Co. go find them today for a yummy end of summer treat!

Do you have a favorite summer food truck? What is your favorite summer treat?

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