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Exploring Montana: Trail Riding in Paradise Valley

You haven't seen Montana if you haven't seen it from horseback! Trail riding in Paradise Valley, Montana is a great place to start. With the Gallatin Mountains on one side, the Absororka Range on the other, and the Crazy Mountains in the distance, you are greeted by stunning views at every turn. Riding higher up into those mountains you can look back down on the valley where the sparkling Yellowstone River winds through it all.

Whatever time of year you choose to go riding, make sure you dress in layers. In spring you might want that coat in the morning, or in the shade of the forest, but want to tie it on the back of your saddle on the sunny hillside. In the summer you could be hit by a surprise rain shower in the middle of an otherwise sweltering afternoon. In winter those layers are going to keep the chilling wind from cutting through you like a knife.

Remember to wear proper shoes too, no one will care if you show up with seasoned riding boots but if you show up in sandals or flip flops you'll either be asked to change or have a truly miserable experience!

Sometimes the adventure can go on longer than you originally planned, not only because of an emergency but because you will be truly enjoying yourself and want to stay for more. The clients who rode with us on my first trail ride of the season now know this to be true. I was unprepared for such a pleasant surprise and ended up with a painful sunburn!

All things considered, it was the best possible day we could have spent riding in paradise. The days before and after were cold and rainy. Many times it happens that way, so check the forecast but don't forget to be spontaneous on a beautiful day too!

Where is your favorite place to go trail riding? Have you been trail riding in Montana?

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