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Travel Bug

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Back in April I traveled to Florida for the first time to celebrate the Easter holiday with my grandparents. As often happens when you adventure to a new place with new germs, I caught a really miserable travel bug about half way through our trip.

My last day on the beach I went swimming in the ocean. It was heavenly! I’m still not sure how that all went south but I was getting ready to body surf another wave back to shore when I got a very small piece of seaweed in my eye. It hurt so badly that I couldn’t get my eye to open so my brother could wash the pesky intruder out! Finally, we were able to remove the seaweed from my eye but it was now a very attractive bloodshot red color and my head was beginning to pound.

I don’t think it was the seaweed that ultimately made me sick but it definitely came at a coincidental time. My headache only got worse from there and my sinuses were sore. A full blown cold wiped me out from head to toe. So instead of being able to return to work from vacation I spent the next two days in bed praying for it to end.

What really got me over the last of the travel bug was using a crazy amount of essential oils. From eucalyptus to help clear my sinuses to diffusing On Guard to kill any contagious bacteria in my room. One of my friends said that she had the same kind of sickness just a few weeks before but it had taken her two weeks to fully recover where I only had the crud for a couple days.

Now we all know it’s a big Millennial or Gen Z faux pas now to talk about using essential oils but I don’t think that’s the way it should be. So us young people have decided to care about natural living and personal wellness…isn’t that a good thing? Absolutely, essential oils will never replace doctors and you should get all your regular checkups!

However, essential oils and the use of plants for medicinal purposes is not really a new thing. Various plants in various regions of the world have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Now there is simply the resources and research to verify what these “herbal remedies” are really doing for our bodies. I for one will not be arguing with their results.

I’ve been a doTerra Wellness Advocate for years but I’m not very good at marketing myself or that business. I guess I get anxious that people will get annoyed with my unpracticed salesmanship or they’ll think I’m another one of those scam artists trying to trick people into giving me their money.

I want to conquer that insecurity this year and grow my business because business is what fuels the adventure! I love doTerra because it allows me to help people feel better and live naturally while furthering my dreams of travel and home. I’m going to be featuring a new essential oil or oil blend each week so we can learn more about their uses both historically and today. If you like the featured essential oil feel free to click the link in the post or contact me through the contact form with your questions. There you can purchase the essential oils of your choice and in turn support the Montana Bear Paw blog!

How many of you have an at home business? Do you blog about your business? Are essential oils just a Millennial and Gen Z thing?

Thank you, fellow adventurers! You can now follow The Montana Bear Paw page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for sneak peeks into upcoming posts and my adventures. This will also be a great place to share your own adventures! Just click the Social Media icons found on this page.

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