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Wandering WY: Crazy Woman Canyon

At the end of October, Shelby came up from Laramie to go on another adventure with me! Apparently, my dehydrated whining didn't scare her off 😂 The fires in the state at that time kept us from visiting one of my favorite fall spot, Aspen Alley, so we had to find someplace new. On the recommendation of Heart of Wyoming Photography's, Laura Redmond, we headed up to Crazy Woman Canyon.

The drive through the Canyon itself was about 45 minutes which will be more if you stop and explore. Crazy Woman Canyon is located between Kaycee, Wyoming and Buffalo, Wyoming. If you're in full road trip mode check out the Hoofprints of the Past Museum in Kaycee and finish out your trip with historic downtown Buffalo including the Historic Occidental Hotel.

This was such a fun drive! We did get lost once because of Google Maps but with the help of a kind Rancher, we were soon back on our way to the Canyon. The road through the canyon is fairly well taken care of but dirt, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. It is also very narrow, so you have to be careful when picking where to park so you can safely hike and explore.

In the fall, the colors throughout the canyon are dazzling! The whole trip had us in the mood for pumpkin spice everything and apple pie. We loved it so much, we actually discussed taking a fall camping trip up in Crazy Woman Canyon sometime in early fall next year or at least making our drive through the Canyon a yearly occurrence.

I'm so thankful, to have another road trip buddy who loves wandering Wyoming just as much as I do. Great tunes, travel, and conversations have made so many great memories this year! I'm excited to start the new Winter season and discover all that Wyoming has to offer with you all following along!

Thank you, fellow adventurers! You can follow the lilmissbearpaw blog page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @lilmissbearpaw for sneak peeks into upcoming posts and my adventures. This will also be a great place to share your own adventures!

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