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Wandering WY: Sleeping Giant Ski Area

This has been the most snowless winter in Wyoming that I can remember. That has made participating in winter adventures a lot more difficult. Thankfully, the weekend after the new year they had a fresh powder day up at the Sleeping Giant Ski Area which has been on my bucket list for a while now.

I got a little bit scared having pre-purchased my tickets and rentals and not seeing any snow at all on the drive there, much less enough accumulation of snow to ski! I did find this herd of Mountain Sheep though...

Then in the last 5 minutes of the drive, the road became patched with snow and ice. There was plenty of snow on the mountain and it continued to lightly snow throughout the day!

Now I enjoy Nordic or downhill skiing but hadn't been in several years which was perfect for this mountain. It is the perfect place for beginners, families, or those returning to the sport to become comfortable with their skis. The great thing about the Sleeping Giant Ski Area is that they also have areas marked off for Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, and Sledding.

The drive from Cody is really beautiful too, passing by the Buffalo Bill Dam and Visitor Center as well as through Buffalo Bill State Park.

Warming up in the lodge of course comes with new complications because of current world events, however, the Sleeping Giant Ski Area has gone out of its way to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. I really enjoyed the friendly service, cozy warmth, and delicious food & beverage options in the lodge.

I can't wait for my next visit!

Where is your favorite place to Ski? What is your preferred Winter sport? Have you visited the Sleeping Giant Ski Area?

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