Wandering WY: White Mountain Petroglyphs

The White Mountain Petroglyph site just north of Rock Springs is probably one of the most mysterious places I've visited in Wyoming this year. Without some understanding of the histories and cultures of Native Nations in this region, this place will strike you with its remoteness and its significance.

Etched into the sandstone some 200-1000 years ago, the stories of the nations who lived here are left as a reminder to a world that changed so quickly. You can find images of buffalo hunts, geometric shapes whose meaning we can only guess at, and even of a warrior wielding a sword. What I found most fascinating were handprints dug into the sandstone where it is rumored women came to give birth! A few tribes consider this site sacred including, the Arapahoe, Shoshone, and Ute.

However, as I explored this site with my brother, I got angrier and angrier because of the obvious destruction of these stories everywhere you looked. There were names of people who have visited the site carved over this historic treasure and brands from other visitors. There was damage in the stone from inconsiderate guests taking cheap shots at the rock.