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Camping 101: What to Wear

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows that my packing skills to any destination can look like I'm packing the kitchen sink. There is a reason and a method to my madness! The weather in the Wild West can be really temperamental. Even in July, it could decide to snow and this can be especially dangerous if you're not prepared. So I've preached it before and I'll preach it again: Always wear layers!

You should also wear clothing that is appropriate for the activity you're participating in. If you're hiking to your camping destination then sturdy shoes and a good hat are perfect for you, while wearing sandals will leave you with blisters. If you're camping out of the car in a campground those sandals could be just fine for you. I guess what I'm saying is some of this is common sense.

However, what can really creep up on you while camping is the temperature drop at night. Your sweatshirt may keep you comfy in the cool afternoon breeze and be totally unnecessary in the noonday heat, but as the day cools off in the evening, even around the campfire you may be wishing you had your winter hat and coat.

That's not even to mention how uncomfortable ou will be in the campground if it starts to rain and the only shoes you brought were those sandals.

So watch the weather predictions for your camping trip and plan responsibly. Bring a couple of extra layers just in case. You may end up never using them, but you'll be grateful they're there if a freak change of weather interrupts your adventure!

Don't forget your sunscreen and bug spray!

What clothing item do you always forget to take camping and wish you had later? Is there a clothing item you would never take camping? What is the craziest change in the weather you've ever experienced?

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