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Wyoming Wildflowers

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! For all of you biology experts out there, I image googled the plants I didn’t know what they were, so if I’m wrong feel free to tell me what the wildflower really is! For all of you who know nothing about biology like me, feel free to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers I’ve been finding in my travels! They came late this year and have stayed longer due to all our unusually rainy weather…

Indian Paintbrush

This is Wyoming’s state flower! It comes in various shades of reds, purples, and pinks but the ones I have seen most often this year have that red and yellow mix that makes them look like wildfire on the prairie!

Meadow Foxtail Grass

From what I could find out, this flowering grass is not native to Wyoming but it is beautiful against the backdrop of the beautiful Wyoming hills and plains!

Prickly Pear Cactus

This plant is actually edible! You peel off the outer skin and spines to eat the center. I’ve actually tried prickly pear ice cream this summer and it’s delicious!

Scarlet Globe Mallow

I’m almost certain these are Scarlet Globe Mallow flowers. I found this little orange flower on the side of the road while driving to McCullough Peaks.

Arnica or Ragwort

There are several yellow flowers or weeds in Wyoming. I couldn’t identify this one not being a biologist but my best guess would be an Arnica or Ragwort flower 😂 What do you think?


These are a fairly common purple, blue, or white wildflower that can be found in many places around the United States if not elsewhere around the world too.

Wild Chives

Do you know?

After pouring over pages of flowers I could not find one that looked similar to this! If you know what it is please feel free to comment below! I would love to know!

Yellow Sweet Clover

We found fields of yellow sweet clover all around Devil’s Tower! My Mom said they are a weed but you can’t argue with the beauty they bring to brighten the hillsides!

I’ve decided I’m no good at identifying wildflowers but I do love to capture them in all their glory! Their fragrant blossoms and bright colors bedazzle the mountainsides and plains everywhere you look in Wyoming in Spring!

The smallest things are sometimes the most beautiful! What is your favorite wildflower?

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