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5 Must Packs for Camping

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

If you watched last Saturday's Vlog, you know that I can get pretty excited over my camping gear and getting it all ready for the next adventure. However, these 5 things you must pack for camping aren't all that exciting but they will save you a lot of trouble in the long run!

First Must Pack for Camping: Shovel

As I said, this item is not very exciting to pack, however, it is useful for all sorts of jams. You use a shovel to dig your bathroom hole, and maybe your firepit if one isn't readily provided. You can also use it for pounding in your tent pegs securely. That's not to mention if you happen to get stuck in some mucky area and need to dig your way out. We even used our shovels to dig a path through the snow on a ridgeline so we could ride across down to camp.

Second Must Pack for Camping: Kindling

This one could be a little bit exciting depending on which kind of kindling you choose! Remember that you need to store your kindling in a waterproof container along with whatever method you'll use to light your fire. Matches, while easy at home, are limited in the wilderness and can fail you just when your life depends on them. Even in summer temperatures in the mountains at night can get low enough to be life-threatening!

Third Must Pack for Camping: Water Filter & Container

Another item that's not very exciting but is an absolute must-have in the backcountry is a water filter and container. You can't live without water and there really is no way to be truly sure that the perfect water source you're camped by is safe to consume. Melting snow may seem like a good idea at the time but in reality, you don't know what's under it or who has stepped in it. It's also full of minerals that will dehydrate you.

Fourth Must Pack for Camping: First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people don't pack this important item. It's not enough just to pack it though! You also have to know how to use what is in it. If you haven't already it would be a really good idea to get First Aid certified before going on your next adventure!

Fifth Must Pack for Camping: Tarp & Rope or Twine

You never know when these basic items together are going to come in handy. You may only be planning to spend the day hiking before returning home at night. Whatever went wrong during the day means your trip has been extended. Of course, you didn't pack your tent or your fancy coffee pot, but having a light tarp and rope or twine at the ready means you will at least have shelter for the night.

Now there are certainly other items we could add to this list. I hope these 5 things get you well on your way to being prepared for your next outdoor adventure!

What is one of your must packs for camping? Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected situation where one of these items became handy? Do you get excited over camping gear?

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