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Fall is Here 2020

We've made it this far! This year has been so ridiculous, I'm tired of talking about how ridiculous it is 😂 So instead we're going to talk about something that hasn't changed: the seasons coming and going.

Here in the west, we joke about having only two seasons: Winter and road construction. In some ways that's true, but I'm past complaining about the weather or the blessing that it is to have well cared for roads to travel on. It's also completely untrue! We have the four regular seasons you know about plus road construction, tourist season, and fire season.

Fall marks the deadlines for road construction projects, then businesses based around tourism readjust their schedules in response to snowbirds leaving for warmer climes, and everybody prays the snow will come so the smoke-filled skies will clear and the forest firefighters will come home.

The only thing that's a little different this year is that the snowbirds, retired tourists who come to the mountains for the summer and head for the beaches in fall, are staying around longer. With so many of the beaches closed, I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

If you're in the mood for seeing the incredible wildlife in Wyoming, this is a great time of year to take in the Elk bugling, the Bison in the rut, and a few last glimpses of the bears before they head for their winter dens.

Fall is about more than Pumpkin Spice in the West. Ranchers and Farmers prepare carefully for the winter months. Livestock will have to be fed no matter how deep the snow!

My favorite part of it all is the change in the air. The leaves dancing in glorious colors as they fade to the ground, the slight nip in the air, and the distinctive scent of coming snow.

What are your favorite parts of Fall? Is Autumn looking different where you're from this year?

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