Hitting the Road Spring 2020

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The exciting day has finally arrived when several states and countries are finally reopening for business! This is especially good for people and businesses who heavily rely on the travel or tourism industries as the weather gets warmer. Already in Wyoming, more residents fill the roads each day to seek outdoor entertainment after being good in their homes for so many months! So we're going to talk about hitting the road in spring 2020.

Wyoming campgrounds will be opening for state residents only, with a reservation on May 15.

Montana has already geared up to open most of its state parks this coming week.

The National Parks like Yellowstone and Glacier will be soon to follow with far fewer amenities than usual.

Like the bears, we westerners are more than ready to come out of hibernation and enjoy the spring splendor!

Of course, it is important that we as travelers continue to follow best practices laid out by doctors and state guidelines: keeping a respectful distance, washing our hands, and taking care of our neighbors with thoughtful common-sense actions for all our safety is essential.

I think it's really important that we locals get out there and explore the businesses and attractions closer to home this spring and summer! Besides being able to support our local economies after the devastating setbacks of the lockdowns, we can also share our fresh perspectives on the places nearest and dearest to us so that those who can't visit now, can have a clear road map to planning their visit when it's finally safe for them to do so!

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