lilmissbearpaw July Goals

When I looked at the calendar today I could not believe we're in July! This year feels like it's passing by so fast and so slow all at the same time. With working more hours at my new job, I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to with the blog this last month. Hey! Growth is growth though and we certainly had some of that going on all over the place. 😊

Let's take a quick look at June in Review before we talk about my July Goals:

For the month of June, I wanted to keep consistently posting Monday-Friday at 8 am MST. I wanted my social media promotion to be just as consistent. The first two weeks went really well and I'm sure no one will be surprised when I tell you that they were when I saw the most growth. These last two weeks I've lost all momentum dealing with an ever-changing work schedule and traveling on the weekends.

June in Review: Website

In June I had 25 visits to the website, 13 of them were unique visitors. Which means many of you kept coming back for more content over time. Sadly, this was down about 44% from last month. The bounce rate was 64% which is 4% better than last month. This basically means that even though less of you visited the website this month, those who did visit stayed longer on the site visiting multiple pages and came back again later. I still haven't quite mastered the art of conversion that would give you the desire to binge my content but I am doing at least 4% according to this stat. 😂

Beyond that, there were two main changes that happened this month for the blog that I'm really excited about! First, I finally changed our name from Montana Bear Paw Blog to lilmissbearpaw Blog. Second, we now have a community gallery where members can share photos, tag each other in photos, and follow one another. I'm so excited to see what adventures you share there!

June in Review: Facebook

Most of my visitors are still coming through Facebook, so let's check out how I did on that platform this month.

My main focus in June was to continue increasing reach and engagement with my