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July in the Rearview

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Let's keep in mind that I organized exactly what I wanted to do this month way back in June. Not everything went according to plan, but what else is new these days. In trying to provide a page with immense value for my followers, what I forgot was the human element. I am passionate about content creation because I love stories and I've loved sharing mine with you. It's when content creation becomes procedural that I burn out easily and don't want to write. With July in the rearview, this year just keeps getting more and more interesting.

As of today, I am now working two jobs besides keeping up with the blog. What this means for future travels is that they're currently on hold. I may still be able to do my weekend trips, but my travel buddy is going through a really rough time right now, and doing what we do is not necessarily a solo adventure option. Besides adventures are a lot less fun when you don't have someone to share them with.

In other news, I do have a couple of features in the works for August that I'm really excited about! So stay tuned!

Month in Review

Now let's take a look at all we accomplished in July!


In July I had 44 visits to the website, this is a stunning 83% improvement from last month! The even better news is that 27 were unique visitors, which is an even more amazing 108% improvement from last month! I could not be more excited than I am right now with that growth and it's all thanks to you.

The bounce rate was 45% which is 19% better than last month. Meaning those who visited stuck around and enjoyed the content I was offering just that much more. I am excited to see how I continue to improve in the coming months!


This month was a little bit slow for Facebook. While my visitors are still primarily from this platform, I'm just not seeing the growth or engagement I would really like to see there and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's that I'm not posting enough on Facebook? Or it could be because I haven't been customizing my messaging for Facebook. Instead, I have been sharing the same posts from Instagram to Facebook.

I also did not do any paid promotions on Facebook this month so the numbers are a bit skewed from what they were last month.

With that in mind, my reach is down by only 64% from last month which means theoretically we retained 974% of last month's 1038% increase in reach. I'm not sure if that makes any sense or is even mathematically sound, but what I'm trying to say is that we still reached a lot of people without having to pay for it this month. Unfortunately, engagement is down by 40% meaning we lost all of last month's growth in that area and then some.

Thank you, to everyone who liked, commented, and shared posts this month! Keep it up! We're ending this month with 91 Facebook followers. Some of y'all are following without liking the page 🤔 so we'll finish out July with 84 page likes. We are soooo close to reaching our goal of 100 followers! We just need 9 amazing people to get us over that milestone in August.

My new job may interfere with my live-stream schedule for August :/ I just don't know yet. This is where I get most of my engagement, so I am fairly concerned with that imminent change.


I am over the moon for Instagram this month! We reached our goal of 100 followers today! I continued the strategy of trying for more personable posts including a few that weren't promoting directly for the blog. I also continued working on my story game for this month, but from what I can tell, I absolutely have room for improvement.

Now that I have 100 followers, I can find out more about my audience which will help me strategize my posts and messaging for the future. Most of my audience on Instagram is between the ages of 18 and 44. They are 71% Female and 29% Male. The most valuable information of all is when my audience is actually viewing my content. From what I've seen so far, this may dramatically change my Instagram posting schedule

Thank you, to everyone who helped me reach this goal! Next up is 150 followers, make sure to share lilmissbearpaw with your friends to continue growing our community.

I know this post is probably not the most interesting, however, I want it to really say two things: I couldn't do this without you and keep me accountable. I need your encouragement and support to continue to grow as a creator!

You can engage with the blog most directly by becoming a member. I value your opinion and your input on my content. Being a member means you will receive extra benefits like being the first notified when a new post drops, behind the scenes stories in my monthly newsletter, the shared gallery, and more as the blog continues to grow.

How would you like me to improve? Are there any specific topics you would like to see me cover? Are there any places you would like me to visit or review?

Thank you, fellow adventurers! You can follow the lilmissbearpaw blog page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @lilmissbearpaw for sneak peeks into upcoming posts and my adventures. This will also be a great place to share your own adventures!

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