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Labor Day 2020

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I've always found this to be a weird holiday. When I was a kid I kept thinking, "Why are we celebrating work? Nobody likes work?" Then I thought it was really strange to be celebrating "labor" with a day off 😂 As an adult, I have yet to work a job where I wasn't on the clock on Labor Day. The important part of Labor Day in Wyoming, is that it marks the official end of the tourist season. By now most families have gone home and restired couples are making their way to a warmer climate. Many seasonal facilities from museums and historic sites to camp grounds either close or scale back their availability immensely. Before you know it, we'll have snow!

Now this year, I don't need to tell you, has been incredibly difficult for everyone from employers to employees. Over the course of this wild ride I will have applied for over one hundred jobs, held four different jobs besides this blog and spent nearly five months unemployed.

On top of those changes, I've been working hard to improve the blog and turn it into a full time business that I culd make a living off of. Watching the news it has been heart breaking to see so many other entrepeneurs lose their businesses they've dreamt, saved, and worked for for so many years! I can't imagine how they're feeling this Labor Day!

Yet I have seen God do some amazing tihngs this year! Being reunited with old friends and finding jobs right when I didn't know what else to do. The best part is the people I've seen continue to share hope and kindness despite the woes of 2020.

So maybe today is just another day in your 2020 induced staycation or maybe it's a reminder of the obstacles you've overcome this year to continue growing and thriving as a person. Maybe you feel like you don't have anything to celebrate and that is okay!

My challenge to all of us, is to not let the circumstances of our present situation stop us from being kind to one another.

Have a Happy Labor Day 2020!

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