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Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the weekend that families spend camping, hiking, BBQing, and getting out in nature together. With the current world situation I know there is quite a bit less of that going on this year. Even if people's options for celebration weren't limited right now, here in the wild west the weather always has the last call. This year it decided to snow closing many of the most popular places for camping and exploration.

While we may not be able to celebrate as usual that shouldn't stop us from remembering the reason for celebration. Thousands of men and women have given their lives to fight for the freedoms we're so blessed to have in this great country. Having seen the tip of the iceberg of what they sacrifice for us on a daily basis I can honestly say that I am humbled to call so many of them my friends.

More than the heroes among us, my family and I spend this time of year in memory of our lost friends and loved ones. Each year we take flowers to lay on their graves while my Grandparents and Great Aunt pass along the stories of those we're remembering. This year we're remembering one more, as my Great Grandma Abbott passed away this weekend. While we're all very sad and will miss her, we also know that she is in a much better place now with no more pain or sadness.

Now we, who she left behind, carry her sweet memory with us and will pass it down each year as new members are added to our family!

I hope you had a peaceful Memorial Day weekend! Thank you, to all our servicemembers!

What does Memorial Day mean to you? How do you remember your loved ones?

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