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Mother's Day 2020

You know with all the struggles that this last year has presented, I've always had at least one person in my corner, my Mother. Happy Mother's Day 2020! Yes, I know that the official holiday was yesterday, but I honestly think we should be celebrating our mothers every day of the year. Just think about how much our mothers sacrifice for us... carrying us in their womb for nine months and giving birth to us, celebrating our accomplishments, and disciplining our bad behavior. The amount of sleep they have lost taking care of us and worrying about us is truly on a superhuman level!

It's the least we can do to celebrate these women once a year and appreciate what they do for us and what we often take for granted.

Not everyone is blessed to have a mother! Many people deal with bad mothers... in my opinion, that isn't a reason to stop celebrating Mother's Day, it is a reason to appreciate the blessing of having a wonderful mother just that much more.

Now my Mom like any mom has her faults, but I think the most important lesson she has taught me is taking personal responsibility for my faults. She has also taught me a lot about advocating for yourself and your dreams even when others can't see the value in them. I don't think I would be the strong resilient woman I am today without her!

The funny thing is, all she wants for Mother's Day every year is a clean house and obedient kids. 😂 I think we manage about half of each of those gifts every year. It's a good thing my Mom loves us unconditionally... she just loves a clean house just a little bit more!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! Let me know in the comments one reason your Mom is so special to you!

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