Scrubbing the Blues Away

Alright, everyone, I promise I'll get on a more consistent posting schedule somewhere here in the near future! I'm sure many of you can relate to how hard it has been as travel/adventurers, to come up with new content during this trying time. My family is driving me bonkers for sure!

One thing I've noticed is all the memes on social media freaking out about the kind of sasquatches we're all going to look like when we're finally allowed to leave our homes... I have good news and I have bad news for you 😂

Let's start off with the bad news so we can end on a high note. I can't help with that haircut or bushy brows, and I'm definitely no good when it comes to fancy toes and fingernails.

Now the good news!

You don't have to stop treating yourself altogether! In fact, this could be the perfect time to give your skin and hair some extra TLC (tender love and care). Plus, your stockpiles of yummy junk food will start running low eventually maybe the next trip to the store you'll pick up a few healthier options! Eating better and even standing next to a window for Vitamin D will have you feeling a little better in no time.

I know these days are stressful and none of us know what will happen next, but we can't forget to take care of ourselves mentally and physically so that our isolation can be used to refocus on what is most important to us instead of focusing on ever-impending doom and gloom!

Here are two recipes to get you started!

Lemon Lime Sea Salt Scrub