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Summer's Sunday: August

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It feels like twenty years have passed since the beginning of 2020, yet here we are at the end of August! Kids are going back to school (sort of) and college is back in session (sort of). even the "we just can't wait for Halloween" posts have made their entrance alongside pumpkin spice dreams and longing for cooler weather. I'm not ready!!! If August really is Summer's Sunday then for both I say, "You weren't long enough!"

Month in Review

Pivot ;) Let's get down to business!

Here is what we accomplished in August...


One major thing that I noticed this month, was that the pop-up form to remind readers to subscribe was drastically increasing my bounce rate without getting me the desired subscribers. So I kissed, at least that form of a pop-up, goodbye.

In August I had 58 visits to the website, this is a modest 9% improvement from last month. The even better news is that 36 were unique visitors also a 9% growth, which means that the 9% improvement in visits was due to new people finding the blog! My favorite part is that we added 3 new blog subscribers!

Honestly, I don't really want to report on the bounce rate this month because I don't feel like it's an accurate representation of how the blog is doing overall. However, when I look at the numbers next month, I want to be able to say that removing the pop-up did make a real difference. So this month the bounce rate was 62% which was a 25% increase from last month :(

In order to solve for this consistent problem I'm having with the bounce rate, I'm actually working on the website's first pillar page that will help you find all of my Wandering Wyoming content in one place.


This has been kind of a weird month for Facebook, the Livestream time changed again because of work and my energy for creating posts unique to two different platforms went down the drain because of that new workload. However, something really cool started happening this month where I've had several people contact me personally to be a part of the adventures I'm having around the state!

I've continued to stay away from paid promotions but may try them again next month to boost the finished Wandering Wyoming Pillar Page.

This month we're down 84% in reach and 28% in engagement. That actually means the engagement was better-ish than last month when it took a -40% nosedive. Although, these numbers are still saying that we're not doing very well on Facebook at all! This concerns me because most of our blog reach and views are coming through Facebook!

We're ending the month with 93 followers, so just 7 short of our journey to 100 followers. We're now at 86 Likes 😂 If you're one of those people who followed, but didn't like... please go back and hit the thumbs up button I will greatly appreciate it!


I love Instagram! I wish it had the same click-through rate to the blog as Facebook did because it consistently sees more growth and engagement. That being said, I didn't get as many stories done this month and my posts were more about promoting the blog than the personable posts I was trying for before.

We now have 105 followers! The crazier part is watching the viewing schedule change. Last month the best days to post were Saturday and Sunday, this month my two best days will be Sunday and Tuesday.

I know this post is probably not the most interesting, however, I want it to really say two things: I couldn't do this without you and keep me accountable. I need your encouragement and support to continue to grow as a creator!

You can engage with the blog most directly by becoming a member. I value your opinion and your input on my content. Being a member means you will receive extra benefits like being the first notified when a new post drops, behind the scenes stories in my monthly newsletter, the shared gallery, and more as the blog continues to grow.

How would you like me to improve? Are there any specific topics you would like to see me cover? Are there any places you would like me to visit or review?

Thank you, fellow adventurers! You can follow the lilmissbearpaw blog page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @lilmissbearpaw for sneak peeks into upcoming posts and my adventures. This will also be a great place to share your own adventures!

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