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Sunshine, Seashells, and Sand

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Over the Easter holiday, my family and I traveled to Florida to spend some time with my grandparents! Mom managed to find amazing flights out of Denver that were at scary times of the morning but a really great price. Round trip the tickets were $85 per person!

It was an absolutely beautiful week. Coming from our still snowy mountain home to the almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit paradise of Florida was wonderful! The wind and rain were even polite enough to wait for the week after when we would be home again. Although the sun did cover up the horizon at night disappointing my Mom who wanted pictures of the sun sinking into the ocean.

Our first couple of days in Florida we knew exactly where we wanted to be… on a beach or in the water. Noni (Grandma in Italian) showed us her favorite beaches to gather shells, tan, and swim!

The first beach we visited was Englewood. It had soft sand, nice waves for body surfing, and a lot of people no matter what time of day you went. While we did enjoy this beach it wasn’t my preferred spot. The second time we visited this beach I actually ended up getting seaweed in my eye which correlated with my body finally breaking down with the vacation crud.

I have this theory. A body in motion staying busy with work and social demands stays in motion. A body who has the audacity to rest on vacation gets violently ill. At least that seems to be a pattern for me 😂

My favorite beach we visited was Boca Grande. This one you actually have to pay to go to because it’s out on an island where only the truly elite can afford to live. This beach was clean, the water clear, and the number of people far more reasonable. Here we gathered hundreds of seashells as the tide receded from the shore. The waves at Boca really aren’t for body surfing and you have to be careful not to be carried away by them if you are going to swim. Another key feature of this beach was the history. Overlooking the coastline is the old Boca Grande lighthouse that is still in operation but spends the day as a museum teaching visitors about the history of the island and the importance of Boca back when it was still a port.

Have you visited Florida? What was your favorite beach? Did you have a weird beach experience or catch the vacation crud?

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