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The First Snow of 2020

I'm sure you've seen the bingo memes by now, "Who had hell freezing over for September?" Yes, Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana just experienced some historic weather for this time of year. Saturday was like any other beautiful summer day, it had us suspecting the weatherman was wrong as usual. Then just before dinnertime, the temperature dropped from the mid-80s (Fahrenheit for my international friends) to the 50s.

Sunday didn't get above wearing a light coat kind of weather in the 60s and by Monday we were watching the storm clouds gather, preparing ourselves to have work done early so we could be safely home before the snow started flying. That didn't quite happen for me 😂

The snow began to fly and the wind howled all night long. Tuesday morning we woke up to a world blanketed in Christmas Glitter. Little kids asked their parents if Santa was coming while grownups mourned their lost gardens and battered trees.

We haven't had one day of Fall yet and it seems like winter is already here, but it will be back in the 70s next week!

Do you think you can handle living in Wyoming weather?

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