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The Fish Whisperer

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Going on a fishing trip with an avid fly fisherman is sometimes very much like going on a secret mission. When talking about it to friends you can discuss the size of the fish and the number caught but that is about it.

J is that kind of fly fisherman.

Since I haven’t been able to really get out and go camping this summer I was excited to go on a camping trip with my second Dad, Jason.

We went to an undisclosed location in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. It left fairly early in the morning so we could get two full days of fishing in before going home to work.

It’s funny because he is starting to gather quite the following on Instagram.

I was just tagging along for the camping bit so J did all the fishing. It was fun taking pictures and listening to him talk about how to fly fish.

Not being a fishing person myself it amazed me how much fishing really fits that metaphor about dating. From presenting the fly to the fish like a proposal to giving the fish time before reeling it in so it didn’t break off the line.

We had beautiful weather which surprised me because clouds kept building on the horizon threatening to storm and then going around.

I spent most of my time reading a book but maybe next time I’ll do a little fishing too.

Camping was interesting because we were so close to the water by morning everything was soaking wet with dew. That meant we had to tear down camp after fishing for the day so that the tent didn’t mold. It also meant a shorter day of fishing. But there really is nothing quite like waking up to the fresh chill of morning air and the sun just peeking its way over the horizon.

Do you have an avid fisherman in your life? What is the most absurd fishing story you’ve heard? Is fishing like a secret mission when you venture out to your favorite fishing hole?

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