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Why I Travel

As long as I've been travel blogging, I don't think I've ever answered the question: Why do I travel? There are actually a few answers I have to this question.

I love the entire travel experience whether it's road tripping or flying. I haven't tried a cruise before, but it's definitely on my bucket list. The sad thing is that the actual travel part of the travel experience has changed so drastically over the last year. I'm not sure I would love that process as much as I used to.

So it's lucky that just as much as I love the travel process, I live for immersing myself in new destinations. The immersion part is key! I want to eat local food, interact with local people, and listen to the stories that are important to them. Tourist stuff can be fun and I understand why it is important. However, if all you ever see is the events and locations set up for tourists then you're missing out on a massive part of what makes up the people and culture of that place.

I also travel to escape from the mundane schedule and pressures of daily life. Getting away from those responsibilities for a while allows my entire system to reset. I gain clarity on what is going well in my daily life and what may need some changes. It also recharges my batteries for going back to that everyday life when the adventure is done.

The final reason I'll share with you today, that I love traveling, is because it reminds me of when I was a kid. You know? When the furniture was so much bigger than I was and car rides to the store seemed to take a lifetime. Everything was new and I was always learning. Traveling helps me reclaim some of that childlike wonder for the world!

Why do you travel?

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